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Arcticboy's American Motors Site, a very comprehensive site with tons of pictures and separate pages for every car that American Motors Corporation ever made. Also includes a 1950s Nash Rambler Stash  with pictures of the pre AMC Nash Motors cars. Lots of American Motors advertising reproductions: postcards, ads and showroom literature and sketches of the proposals that never made it into production.

American Motors Corporation 1954-1987  History of AMC by year - 1954 merger of Nash and Hudson; 1980 purchase of 25% interest by France's Renault; 1982 sale of AM General (today's Hummer), Renault holds 46% controlling interest and last, Lee Iacoca's under-the-table takeover deal, allowing Chrysler Corporation to dismember AMC, keeping only Jeep and a Canadian manufacturing plant.


History of the Hudson Motorcar Company  A very well written and comprehensive story of Hudson with high quality photographs both historical and currant of almost every model the company ever made including the last which was really a Nash. This page is maintained by the Hudson-Essex Terraplane Club, Inc.  and is contained with in the club's very comprehensive national web site.


John's Old Car and Truck Pictures  If you like old cars and trucks, this is a site you will truly enjoy. Hundreds of pictures with captions, listed by make and manufacturer...most with a short history of the companies. Pop's favorite is A Picture Review of the Nash featuring a short written history with pictures of Nash Motors cars from the 1921 Nash Four to the 1959 Ambassador 4 Door Hardtop Sedan. Included are shots of pre war models plus Statesman, Ambassadors, Ramblers, Nash Healys and Metropolitans. A wide selection of advertisements and showroom brochures are shown.

The Nash Car Club of America is a national organization with over 1400 active members. They publish a bi-monthly magazine called The Nash Times that is loaded with pictures, articles and useful information and the monthly NCCA MARKETPLACE with cars and parts for sale and wanted. Also a yearly calendar featuring members cars from all over the world. Pop is pleased to be a member.


PACKARD HISTORY / 1945-1984 A year by year history of Packard from the end of World War II in 1945 to the purchase of Studebaker in 1954 and the final end of all automobile production by Studebaker-Packard in 1964. This is a long and interesting narrative, all text with some links to photographs and other information. A wealth of information on the individuals associated with Packard and Studebaker over the long history of the two companies.

Packard Automobile Classics, Inc. (aka) "The Packard Club, is a huge site dedicated to The Packard Motor Car Company and its long and venerable history. Has a site map that gives you access to almost anything you ever wanted to know about Packards. Also gives locations and contact information for the 55 Regional clubs and 4 Affiliate Organizations & Clubs which are the extended worldwide Packard Club family.
North Atlantic Packards Is a Region of Packard Automobile Classics, Inc. (aka) "The Packard Club." Information on membership, members cars, events and The Pelican Papers, the chapters award-winning club newsletter.


The Studebaker National Museum seeks to preserve the Studebaker heritage. Studebaker was the only company to span the time from settlers' wagons to high performance automobiles. View 114 years of automotive history, from the Studebaker family's Conestoga Wagon to the last car to roll off the assembly line. Site has all the information you need if you are planning a visit to the museum in South Bend, Indiana, even a map with driving directions. No time for a road trip? Take the Virtual Tour of the museum's exhibits.
Studebaker Clubs is a great resource for finding club chapters in your area, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Has link to each club plus links to parts suppliers and newsletters. Straight forward design one page scroll down, featuring the artwork and photos of the various chapters logos.



The Packard / Imperial Page spotlights the coach built cars of the two grand marques, particularly the hand built Henney-Packard professional cars and the Ghia-Imperial Limousines. Has a page for recommending or warning against auto transportation companies and also has posted a great story of the ongoing restoration of a 1964 Ghia Imperial Limousine.
Interested in new hearses, ACCUBUILT is the world's leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles. Several famous names in hearse building, Sayers & Scovill , Superior , Eureka and Miller-Meteor now belong to the Accubuilt family. Each brand has its own section on the site with lists and photos of the hearses and limousines they build for the mortuary profession. Special presentation of former president Reagan's funeral procession.
McLellan's Automotive History has a vast inventory of original, top quality, collectible sales literature for ambulances, hearses and limousines.
Just Hearse' N Around Hearse Club is based in Hell (MIchigan) and their theme song would seem to be "I Drive a Hearse, Could be Worse, I Could be Riding in the Back"...catchy little tune, it plays on the club's web site. Take time to wander around in the Event Pictures, this group has a a full deck of cool rides.


Dave's Classic Limousine Pictures has over 650 Limousine pictures and is just the best darn limo site that Pop has found. Multiples pages are devoted to pictures of cars from the earliest days of the automobile to the present. Special sections cover Presidential Cars, the Lehmann-Peterson and Armbruster/Stageway story's plus Novelty Limousines with pictures of everything from a Corvair to wild VW Beatles.

The Rockefeller Ghia This 1960 Crown Imperial limousine, bodywork by Ghia of Italy was sold new to the governor of New York, Nelson Rockefeller. Only seventeen Crown Imperial limousines were produced in 1960. Of them, 16 had six side windows, while one - this unique car - was built with rear quarter windows closed off. Great interior photographs. Complete restoration cost more than $75,000.

Crown Imperial Limousines by Ghia 1957-'65 Chrysler had built 8-passenger cars on a long wheelbase since the 1930s, but sales dwindled by the start of the 1950s and Chrysler turned to out-side companies to produce the big cars. This site gives details and pictures of the collaboration with Carrozzeria Ghia in Turin, Italy plus later American companies that did limousine work for Chrysler. A great read of little known information.

Other Web Sites

Nash Healey Restoration Larry Varley of Melbourne, Australia is, like Pop, a member of The Nash Car Club of America. He is restoring a 1954 Nash Healey LeMans Coupe and has been keeping the club's MOL (Members on Line) up-to-date with the restoration through pictures and links to his website. The Healy has an interesting background and Larry has fully documented this. He has taken photographs of everything and put captions to each one. Click on the numbers under the photograph to follow along with this restoration in progress.
ATE UP WITH MOTOR provides in-depth histories of interesting cars and the people behind them. Primarily focus on older cars, but may occasionally talk about newer models if they're interesting enough. Each article will tell you: How that car came to be; Why it was designed the way it was and the context in which it was developed; How well it worked (or didn't!) and Whether it succeeded or failed commercially and why. It contains articles on many of the American Independents and using the navigation bar on any page, you can search histories by Type, Era or Brand.
Diecast Rambings A great site for diecast scale model photography, articles, reviews and discussion  Check the Diecast Blog for the latest diecast news and visit the Diecast Forums for a lively discussion of everything diecast. Most of the models covered are 1:24 scale but there are others.
Pit Products is a manufacturer of high quality trailer accessories and storage solutions. They have base and overhead cabinets and accessories plus ramps and loading gear to help with your automobile collecting needs, If you have things that need to be kept handy or things that just need to be neatly storied, they likely have just what you need for the job. And all of their products are American made at their facility in Jackson, Michigan.

Air Lift is a manufacturer of air suspension air bag suspension kits that provide increased support while towing or hauling heavy loads. Without added suspension support, hauling heavy loads becomes dangerous and bad for your vehicle. Their air bag suspension kits are designed to give you a safe, level and comfortable ride, and they work with your vehicle's existing leaf or coil suspension systems.

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