Diecast Scale Replicas

Nash Kelvinator Corporation

1952 Nash Ambassador Super Airflyte
Sunstar has produced one of Pop's favorite cars in 1:18 scale. A car owned by the late Eric O. Nelson Jr., a long time member of The Nash Car Club of America was used  for the photographs and dimensions for the model. The Airflytes come in several color schemes, are in the $70-90.00 price range and come in two versions, with or with out a visor and continental kit. It is also available done as a Kenosha County Sheriff's car. Several colors and the sheriff's version can be found HERE. The older colors can be found on eBay.


1953 Nash Healy
Called America's first sports car, the Nash Healy was designed by Nash and built by Healy in Great Britain. It has been done in 1:32 scale by Signature Models in Red, Black, Cream and White. The model has opening hood, doors and trunk.  It can sometimes be found on eBay.

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